How Birth Control Should Be A Responsibility Essay

How Birth Control Should Be A Responsibility Essay

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Bam: You’re pregnant. Says that little pregnancy test, (at least if one is a girl). Imagine the shock of a woman who suddenly finds out that a potential child has started the first stages of its life inside of her. Her life is turned upside down, this wasn’t something she wanted or planned, this isn’t something that she will be able to handle. Quickly, she thinks of her future and suddenly there’s no longer one person that she has to take care of, but two. The only thing that she can say to her say to herself is, “I wish I hadn’t done it”. But the thing is that a young woman, or any woman, should not have to abstain from sex, because she doesn’t want a child, or always put the burden on the partner for a fail proof plan. Birth control should be a responsibility carry out by both men and women, and if the birth control pill was available easily and covered by health insurances, the burden wouldn’t be as great.
The birth control pill has been one of the many subtle creations that has taken a back seat in the minds of many. Just another option for a woman if she chooses to use it. However the benefits of allowing women to have this more easily and understanding the use of this option means no importance to the American society, as is just there. Sex is going to happen, whether tabooed or not, as it has been happening since the first Homo sapiens walked on mother earth. And since pregnancy can also happen, why not allow the woman to choose whether or not she wants and child, benefiting not only her, but the child itself and society as a whole. If birth control pill were over the counter, it would not feel like a ladder, where a person would have to go through an amount of steps before it reaches its destination, in this case the pres...

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...ave a harder time dealing with this drastic event. It can be stressful, overwhelming, demanding, and for women upsetting. This are all emotions and feelings that can wash over any person dealing with a really thought situation. Instead of blame, sympathy and compassion needs to be what others feel.
Furthermore, this is beneficial to insurances. Company’s try to save money as much as they can, and health insurances are companies. Is in their best interest for a woman to not have all the expenses she would, if she were pregnant. The medical bills can be quite costly, from prenatal care, all the way to having to having the mom sign up her baby to be covered while he grows up. As a baby more thorough and regular checkups have to be given. The mother as well has to be access more frequently before and after to detect any complications that might affect her or the child.

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