Essay on How Barbarians Effect the Culture and Environment

Essay on How Barbarians Effect the Culture and Environment

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It is to my understanding that Theodore Dalrymple’s main argument is that civilization and culture is precious and should be conserved and defended. He brings to mind the question of “Why do we do the tasks we do and how does it compare to the bigger picture?” It is important for human beings of set societies to vitalize and protect their identity. Barbarians and brutes will exist as long as mankind does and will lash out upon societies when they feel threatened or unjustified and as long as there are these brutes and barbarians, there will be destruction. Dalrymple argues that we must not let the wrath of barbarians corrupt or even abolish civilization or a civilization’s culture. History has shown that groups or factions have tried to wipe out a race of people, enslave them or just plain revolt after years of cruelty and justification. The destruction of people and/or their culture is a means for a group to try and erase that civilizations’ identity or existence. Dalrymple believes that brutes destroy art, musical equipment, buildings, etc. as a way to and lower the value of a civilization’s culture or environment.
Men have brutish ways of thinking and behaving but it is important for man to suppress those instincts and to behave in accordance of society. It is known but not understood how effective laws and the authority play a role in keeping order and peace. Man is at battle with himself in terms of civilization versus barbarianism. Mankind has those urges and temptations to give into their inner beast but it is the control and suppression of those feelings and thoughts that help separate the man from beast. When man can control himself and help to further himself and others in his community in accordance to the laws set in ...

... middle of paper ... of the many in mind? These kinds of actions and situations are prevalent in our world. This is why the author argues that civilization is worth defending.
As I said above, the meaning of civilization and freedom is changing, and it happens daily. I agree that people who don’t want to learn from the past will lose much more than what they want. But on the other hand, there is still hope to be found. Even though the spirit of civilization has been forgotten, people can cooperate in networks now to connect and communicate. When an event or disaster occurs, people can gather on the internet, and make public forums to either help or hurt the cause. I don’t necessarily like to network via the internet, but if it is a means for people to come together and connect then maybe not all hope is lost for civilization and it’s a small but gradual step towards uniting as one.

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