How Association University Provides Graduates With The Education And A Wide Range Of Skills

How Association University Provides Graduates With The Education And A Wide Range Of Skills

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1. Introduction
Education is only one important aspect that Federation University provide graduates, it goes on to contribute to their life skills that prepares them for working in a professional industry. The purpose of this report, is to introduce how Federation University provides graduates with the education and a wide range of skills that equips them for the workplace. Studies have shown that Federation University has the highest graduate employment rating of any Victorian-based university. Over 79 per cent of their graduates are employed full-time, and over 14 per cent of other graduates continue into full-time study (Federation University, 2014). Included in this report are three main attributes and their key components that Federations University graduates obtain throughout their studies. These attributes consist of conceptual skills, responsible, ethical and engaged citizens and understand and respect for diverse cultures. Further recommendations will be highlighted on how to enlighten potential students on the benefits of university.
2. Conceptual Skills
Federation University equips graduates with conceptual skills that not only provides them with the ability to exceed in their chosen discipline, but makes them a valuable contribution to any workplace. Thinking critically, learn independently and manage time effectively are all conceptual skills that federation university equips graduates professionals with to prepare them for the workplace.
2.1 Critical thinking
Critical thinking is the essence of tertiary learning and an acknowledged skill in the workplace. Not only does thinking critically assists students with collecting, analysing and evaluating information, it is also the cornerstone of effective problem solving ...

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... as these skills that most secondary students are not aware of.

6. Recommendation 2- Incorporate university Culture & learning into VCE lifestyle

By incorporating university culture into the VCE lifestyle it allows potential students it experience the values, attitude and behaviours that are expected from them when commencing university. High schools could also introduce lectures and tutorial to VEC students. This would prepare students for the learning experiences to come at university as well as give them basic independent learning skills which is crucial while studying at a higher education level. If secondary schools were to include university culture and learning into their VCE regime it would allow future students to have an insight of what to expect from them at university as well as making some transitional issues less daunting during their first year.

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