Essay about How Arts Can Help Students Improved Different Areas Of Education

Essay about How Arts Can Help Students Improved Different Areas Of Education

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Throughout time different forms of art had conveyed various meanings to many people. Whereas some people like to feel and create art in all of its forms for just admiration and/or inner enjoyment, some others separate themselves by focusing on finding or constructing a meaning that the own author or creator intended to communicate and disperse to society. Nevertheless, one thing that brings these very different types of people together, making them share one same idea, is that art is a very important aspect of our everyday life and that it should be exercised for the benefit and achievement of the full human potential. Just like arts which can help students improved in different areas of education, this class has helped me improve my understanding of the different types of art forms and how they should be as part of the fundament of learning at every school around the world. One way that I feel now that arts is able to help students is that it awakens an intrinsic motivation for the creation or understanding of art. That intrinsic motivation can only happen once art has provoked and exaltation on the student, if the exaltation forms a deep connection with the student by any form, the student would have an awakening feel for the need to learn more to either understand that form of art a little more or to recreate it, forming self-disciplined artist in the pursuit of understanding and creation.
Besides helping me understand more of the various forms of arts and their benefits in the classroom, the class of Edu 125 pushed many of us, and me specifically, outside the typical classroom education by appointing us the assignment of searching and attending to two art event that would be interesting to us. One Art event that I was able to ...

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... me, could help teachers use art in their classroom for the exploration of any subject, but for all of these to be able to happen there is also some responsibility coming from the parents. They should also help encourage the use of arts in the improvement of the school curriculum, but also have an open mind that no one specific form of art will have a specific effect on their child. The use of art can be some sort of trial and error and there has to be a constant exposition to arts to see how the students could react, not only the constant exposition from the parents to different forms of art with the child could help improve the arise of an improved student from the child, but it could also help with the benefit of bonding a deeper relationship with the child which could lead to the formation of a responsible member of society but more than anything a better person.

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