How Arik Air Will Conduct Business Essay

How Arik Air Will Conduct Business Essay

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Arik Air being one of the largest airlines is an attractive option for our US based company, but it will come with considerable concerns about management, and administration of resources. Our company will now have to develop a plan to address the following issues; of hiring and maintaining a qualified pilot staff, host nation employees satisfaction under the new parent company and flexibility of a new pay scale. Overall, investment in this endeavor will be eventually very profitable, but we must first address the human resource situation, and this will be quite a complicated task. So where do we start?
Before we look at assets, aircraft, and pilots who will represent a significant portion of value added assets but a minority in statistical numbers we have to focus our attention on the majority of our labor force that will be our biggest challenge in managing and adapting to how Arik Air will conduct business in the future. Arik Air is going to be now owned by a foreign company but employed by a majority of Host nation locals as well as expatriates and third country nationals, but we cannot factor out local values, customs, and the overall external cultural environment that we will now be operating. One strategic approach we may consider looking at building a model that follows these considerations:
• Openness and objectivity of the recruitment and selection process
• Strategic development of staff for optimal utilization
• Flexibility in pay system
• Balance of power in the application of equal employment opportunity
• The efficiency of affirmative action in ensuring employment opportunity
(Fajana, Owoyemi, Elegbede, & Gbajumo-Sheriff, 2011)

Arik Air now has to develop a plan to address the issue of employing and ...

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...ill need outside or third country national help to bridge any potential gaps in certain jobs and still not appear to be outsourcing work while the country has a capable workforce at our disposal. There will be challenges, and we must minimize any restructuring and possibly destabilizing the company or its workforce future my initiating drastic moves in management or employees and stave off any appearance of discrimination or lack of trust or communication between the new foreign employer and local employees. The cultural sensitivities must be explored before we can initiate any significant changes, we have to remember that we are operating on a different continent with different values and constraints and will use our local resources to build the airline and I feel a conservative and evolving initiative in our HRM policy must be first and foremost before acquisition.

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