How Animal Agriculture Is An Overlooked Factor Towards Many Environmental Issues

How Animal Agriculture Is An Overlooked Factor Towards Many Environmental Issues

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Cowspiracy - Study Questions Azha Aslam

1. This statement about “Cowspiracy” depicts how animal agriculture is an overlooked factor towards many environmental issues. It shows us how breeding animals and growing them for the human population causes deforestation and water consumption to name a few. What 's most surprising about this is that it isn 't being acknowledged as a significant factor towards these environmental issues, even though it clearly is. I feel as if I have been fooled by those who are trying to sweep this under the rug and pretend like the problems associated with it don 't exist. I feel cheated knowing that regardless of how much effort I put into doing my part towards helping out earth, my contributions are fairly insignificant. I feel ashamed of the people that are overlooking this, and placing their own success and wealth over taking care of our planet and doing what 's right. It makes me feel disappointed in those who are part of the animal agricultural industry, who dismiss everything and everyone unless they 're able to profit from it.

2. I thought the film brought a lot of information forward that was certainly enlightening. I never would have thought before that animal agriculture would be the leading driver of climate change, and how more greenhouse gases are produced from it than all the world 's vehicles! The claims that the documentary made were all supported thoroughly, in my opinion. They refrained from using opinion evidence, and when they made a claim they also made sure to rectify it with further research and data. The film was produced and put together very well. It allowed the watcher to develop his or her curiosity towards the topic as the documentary continued.

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... at this point. We have to make sure that people aren 't thinking that they can just continue on with their lives and everything will be okay, that 's not the case. I want to make a change, not only in the way I think, but in the way other people do as well. This is where I 'll be living when my parents and other older relatives aren 't here. This may not seem worrisome to them; however, to me it certainly should be. In my life right now I think what 's important is being aware and conscious of the choices I 'm making. Next year in university, I 'll have independence from my parents and so what I eat will be solely based of my desires. This is a great opportunity for me to make choices helpful towards our Earth. I can limit how much meat and dairy I consume, I 've already switched to drinking almond milk, and more importantly sharing what I know with others as well.

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