How American Women 's Rights Changed Since 1900 Essay

How American Women 's Rights Changed Since 1900 Essay

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How American Women’s Rights Have Changed Since 1900
According to Karen Manners Smith, over 75% of women stayed at home around 1900 as “wives, mothers, and housekeepers” (48). A lot of these women wanted to go be part of the world and not just stay at home. Although women did have an easier life at home rather than life in the 1800s with all of the modern conveniences that were invented in the 19th century, they still wanted to go to work in the world outside the home. Some of the things that women were not allowed to do was serve on juries, bring lawsuits or be sued, or own property. Because the women’s right movement went forward after the freeing of slavery, African-Americans of both genders worked alongside the women fighting for rights, but the two groups eventually broke off from each other. Many Southern men rejected the women rights movement. It took seventy-two years before women had a right to vote. Before the 1900s, feminists had made some accomplishments toward women’s rights, but many of them happened during and after the turn of the century. Many things have influenced the change in women’s rank in society, but a few of these are the people involved, the events accomplished, and the organizations formed.
The movement absolutely could not have happened without the women involved and the support that they gave. Some of the followers led or were part of protests, parades, or they were the first doing something that men thought women could not do. Many of the ladies that led the protests were in the early 1900s. One of the feminists that was working for rights was Carrie Chapman Catt. She was very passionate about her work that would change history. She started working for the National American Woman Suff...

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...he movement even farther than any single person could have done.
These people, events, and organizations all changed the course of women’s suffrage rights in the United States. Today, most women have jobs outside of the home such as a politician, business owner, doctor, teacher, or even a pilot. Some women stay at home to homeschool their kids and spend time with them. Seeing a woman at work is not strange anymore. Some people still think that there is inequality and some people are still fighting for more rights, but it has taken a turn the wrong way. Now they support abortion and doing to their body what they want. Since the women fought for rights, women can now enjoy going to work in whatever career. The process was long and demanding and they had to stay committed, but women can now see progress toward more equality than the beginning of the 1900s.

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