Essay How America Is Failing The Future Generation

Essay How America Is Failing The Future Generation

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How America is failing the future generation
“Boston Latin School, founded on April 23, 1635,is the oldest public school in America.”( Since then education has had the goal of increasing knowledge in America. Even though in America we have taken giant leaps in our educational system we still have areas where we are dulling the children 's minds. Change is needed for the good of our nation and it all starts with the future generations and the information they obtain growing up. John Holt’s “School is bad for children” discusses how school is crippling children. Another arthur Scott Adams wrote “How to get a real education” where he outlines seven skills that should be taught in school. Lastly Daniel S Cheever Jrs’ “Is college worth the money” explains how the cost of college needs to be matched with the quality.
John Holt’s “School is Bad for Children” discusses how the school system is failing children. He explains how we send these children into a school system with life and eagerness in their hearts, children who are open and ready to learn. However, once they get to school that fire in their hearts is extinguished. Another thing Holt talks about in his essay is the fact that the school system takes away human interaction. These children are not allowed to talk or have fun at school, they must sit quietly as the teacher lectures on about stuff they will probably never use in the real world. He further explains that these children should be able to learn from each other and to help each other grow. He even goes so far as to say that another way the school system is failing these children is by forcing them to be there, he believes we should let them choose to go to school rather than forcing them to be there...

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...r the students career after college. It is inefficient in both cost and time to require these courses for students in order to gain higher education. Eliminating these courses will not only save money but will also keep the student body interested in the courses they are taking.

As America continues to grow it is important to have a strong group of intelligent individuals behind the nation. This all starts with what children learn in school. America needs people who are eager to learn and accepting of new ideas. These authors all have incredible ideas to help improve the educational system. It all starts with one school starting new traditions and proving it can work. The excitement in gaining knowledge should be brought back into schools. Whether it is issues in elementary or college it can all use definite improvement that will change how students view learning.

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