How Alzheimer 's Really Have That Much Of An Impact On Your Daily Routine?

How Alzheimer 's Really Have That Much Of An Impact On Your Daily Routine?

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Could Alzheimer’s really have that much of an impact on your daily routine? From working in the hospital for a short amount of time we learn how to pace ourselves with patient’s and form a routine of how to provide them with care. In the hospital or nursing facility, all medical professionals limit on their time and must work efficiently. In some cases we may provide one patient with more time than the rest. The simplest task may prove to be harder with an Alzheimer’s patient. Alzheimer’s impairs a person 's ability to perform everyday functions and makes everyday a constant battle, but when dealing with patient a walk seems as easy as can be, but in fact it was the farthest thing from it.
Something as simple as taking a walk around the facility can prove to be a battle with Patient X. From the day I met Patient X it was noticeable that she was lacking her memory. Patient X could no longer tell me her name and everyday it would be different struggle, but for that day it was getting her out of bed to take a walk. From the moment I walked in and introduced myself, Patient X could not provide me with her name. Patient X constantly asked if I was her baby, and when dealing with an Alzheimer patient, it’s always best to go along with what that patient is saying. As I got Patient X up and out of bed, she started to become violent and resistant. Patient X took forty-five minutes to simply get out of bed and dressed, and that was the very beginning of the battle that would consist all day.
After getting Patient X up and dressed, she was halfway ready for a walk. I had to provide basic care for her, such as brushing hair and her teeth. After another fifteen minutes ' Patient X was ready for our walk. As Patient X and I started our walk, ...

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...g can treat another so hatefully. All these thoughts remaining in my head I couldn’t help but feel empathy and dismay over her condition, and as Patient X rambled on so did our walk.
After an hour and a half with Patient X I had to return her back to her room and go to the front desk for paper work. Patient X despite the difficulties we faced that Patient X was sweet and loving woman, who I could tell was at one time a caregiver herself. As I walked Patient X into her room she asked to be placed in the recliner. Happy to help I placed Patient X in the recliner and also refilled her water jug. As I was about to walk out of Patient X’s room she said “thank you for walking with me, dear”. The smile on her face made the hour and a half struggle I had faced for worth it. What was supposed to be such a simple little walk turned into a life experience I will never forget.

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