Essay on How Advertising Can Be Defined As?

Essay on How Advertising Can Be Defined As?

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Advertising can be defined as:
“The manipulation of social values and attitudes through which false needs and desires are disseminated with the aim of regenerating desire for the consumption of an ever- increasing volume and diversity of goods”
In relation to this, sexism can be defined as:
“Attitudes or behaviour based on traditional stereotypes of gender roles”
These definitions are largely comparable to food product advertisements both past and present in relation to my own findings, supporting that the portrayal of food products are based on gender, with women used as the selling point.
This is evident in the following 1960’s advertisements:

Characteristics in these advertisements reflect the social norms and values of this time period, showing the strong sense of dominance a male figure had over a female (Figure 1) as well as presenting the notion of social status, class and identity of a woman in the 1960’s (Figure 2) in that a woman being able to open a sauce bottle is surprising (evident in her facial expression) and thus this concept being used to sell a product. This is because appeals to the target market through the use of a relatable character and reflecting the morals, beliefs and ethics of the society of this time period.
In an interview with Dorothy (age 85), who was a housewife in the 1960’s, she supported that women were the selling point for products of this time:
“Women were always on the front of every product you could think of because we were the one’s buying them for our husbands and families. It was our job to buy and sell the product”
This statement can be reinforced by Pollay (2014), defining women in the 1960’s as:
“Domestic, dependent and used to sell a product”
This is further reinforced in...

... middle of paper ...

... the 1960’s and the present, is due to the fact that food product advertisements promote and contribute to this concept.
Overall, based upon primary and secondary research, it can be assumed that there has been a large change in the portrayal of women in food product advertisements, some of which possess qualities of 1960’s advertisements such as male patriarchy, the importance of a female as a homemaker, and being used to sell a product. This has been expanded to the incorporation of new characteristics developed as society’s values have shifted such as the sexualisation of a female figure and a focus on issues such as weight and beauty. Despite this, it may also be assumed that there is a slender, gradual movement towards the changing perceptions of male members of society and how they view females, contributing to a smaller amount of patriarchy in the present.

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