Essay on How Advertising Affects The Perception Of The Public

Essay on How Advertising Affects The Perception Of The Public

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Marketing plays an important role in our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. Advertising has the power to shape and influence the perceptions of the public. Over the years advertising has become more personal, and consumers have allowed advertisers into their mental world. Consumers subconsciously choose one product over the other, simply because the company’s advertisement makes people feel good and matches their personal values. Magazines are a core medium for advertising. Two different high-end perfume advertisements found in Vogues January 2016 issue, use techniques to draw our attention, such as a minimalist look, a subtle logo, photo manipulation, and celebrity endorsements. The similarities in both perfume advertisements show that high-end designers target a comparable audience.
High-end perfume advertisements usually take a similar approach in terms of the layout. Black Orchid by Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani’s SI perfume, both share common design aspects such as a flawless celebrity as the main eye-catching focal point, as well as a subtle placement of the perfume bottle and the designer’s name. In Tom Ford’s Black Orchid advertisement, the background is made up of glistering black water with floating orchids that are an eggplant purple color. These two colors used together make for a dark color palette that gives an intense feeling. In Giorgio Armani’s SI perfume advertisement, the background is simple with a light color palette of white and a creamy nude color. The appearance of this ad gives more of a refined aesthetic. High-end perfume designers know marketing is not just having a top-of-the-line product, but also creating the best advertisements.
The placement of the models in both ads is an important factor ...

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...e able to catch his name from the corner of their eye while skimming through the magazine, hopefully to stop and look at the advertisement.
In conclusion, advertising plays an important role in our daily lives and has become more personable over the years. Two high-end perfume advertisements, Tom Ford’s “Black Orchid” and Giorgio Armani’s “SI” found in Vogues January 2016 issue, use tactics such as celebrity endorsements and a minimal look to catch our attention. Studying the design of both perfume advertisements suggest they share similarities when targeting their audience. Marketing is not just about having a great product, advertising is equally as important. High-end perfume products call for a high-end budget. Both advertisements are created to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and urge the consumers to purchase the product if they wish to feel important.

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