How Advertisers Play A Larger Role Than We Think On How We View Society?

How Advertisers Play A Larger Role Than We Think On How We View Society?

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Advertisers play a larger role than we think on how we view society. They have the power to represent the opinions one group feels about another and the adoption of these perspectives have become significant enough to shift our culture as a whole. The way we look and feel about people, especially involving gender roles, is intertwined with our everyday life causing us to believe what is presented to us. The majority of stereotypes we see from advertisements target gender, why? Because everyone in the world is either male or female and creating a certain type of message about what a man and woman should be allows advertisers to manipulate people’s attitude and opinions in favor of them buying into their brand.
Men are and have always been looked upon as tough, masculine, breadwinners for their family. The role of a man in our society has been to become an accomplished figure regardless of the tough nature of being a man. As a result of this gender role, in the majority of the advertisements we see, the appeal of buying items for men are focused on making them feel that way. For example, in the largest men 's magazine in the world, “Men’s Health”, there is an advertisement campaign by Kenneth Cole called MANKIND that specifically labels what the evolved modern man should be. MANKIND lays out a guideline that say’s “A man can be accomplished but humble, playful but respectful and competitive but fair. For the man who is bold and willing to define his own expectations, there 's Mankind by Kenneth Cole.” In the advertisement we see men dressed in business suits expressing the different features of a modern man. Under this picture the campaign goes on to say that “He is accomplished but humble, he is strong but sensitive. He’s got a ver...

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...ey are and that they should be happy regardless of what Victoria Secret might think is sexy. The ad reveals its understanding of the stereotype by naming its campaign “I’m no Angel”. Here they are saying I’m not perfect but I am happy and unashamed. They felt the need to target these women because they believe these women want to feel sexy and attractive just like everyone else does.
Looking into the types of campaigns that go on in the advertisement world, it is very clear who has been influencing our culture. Every different idea we can think about a person has been represented and the counterattack to that stereotype has also been provided as well. The easiest way to shape an opinion is by receiving the same information on a daily basis and this is obtainable by advertisers because they are everywhere. We see them on TV, radio, newspapers and even social media.

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