How Adolf Quickly Became The Leader Of The Party Essay

How Adolf Quickly Became The Leader Of The Party Essay

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Adolf quickly became the leading speaker in the German Workers’ Party, speaking with passion and emotion about the Treaty of Versailles and the shameful way that it treated the German people, drawing in members by the hundreds. He became the leader of the parties’ propaganda in 1920, promoting high ranking soldiers that he knew from his time as a soldier during the war to prominent positions inside the party. He did this for two reasons primarily, the first reason is that he wanted men than he could trust, and secondly, to give an incentive to many alienated ex-soldiers who wanted to fight for something that they believed in to join the party.
The party over the next four years steadily gained members and prominence in the eyes of the German people, jumping from 1,000 members in 1919 to over 55,000 members in 1923. He had personally changed the name of the party two years prior to the Nationalist Socialist Germans Workers’ Party to attract new members and he even made the now infamous symbol of the party, the swastika. Adolf tried to seize the momentum that the party had gained throughout the recent years to try and stage a coup of the of the current government in what later became known as the Beer Hall Putsch.
On November 9th, 1923, Adolf Hitler led a group of over 3000 Nazi party members stormed Munich and proclaimed the dissolution of the Bavarian government and the formation of the Provisional German National government. But the coup was met with heavy resistance when they encountered a police blockade. Shots were exchanged between the two groups and the fighting lasted a minute but sixteen Nazis and three policemen were killed with over one hundred more injured. Hitler himself was injured in the fighting suffering f...

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...time, would take immediate control of the German government. One of Hitler’s first acts as Fürhrer was to outlaw any other political parties in Germany declaring the National Socialist German Workers’ Party as the only political party in Germany dissolving the constitution and the Weimar Republic.
The National Socialist German Workers’ Party was led by the charismatic and passionate leader Adolf Hitler from 1921 to his death in 1945. During this time, he grew the once small Nazi party of only 1,000 members, to a whole country that shared his ideals with such a passion that they would fight to the very end. The only reason that the National Socialist German Workers’ Party was able to grow into such an enormous movement through, was the terrifying conditions of the Great Depression in Germany and people’s desperate attempts to find hope, wherever that hope may lie.

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