How Abortion Affects Our Society Today Essay

How Abortion Affects Our Society Today Essay

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Save the life
Abortion is badly affecting our society today. People in enormous numbers don’t even value the life of others and kill unborn babies for no cause. To kill unborn baby using offensive procedures is not only wrong for the doctors, but it is illegal too. If abortion is done without a legal methods it is also called homicide. Human life starts as soon as a mother conceives or as early as fetus forms. Most women feel embarrassed after having an abortion. On the other hand many couples are waiting to adopt babies, but there aren’t enough babies due to all of the abortions. Abortions encourage insensitive manners and allows people to think it’s okay to have unprotected sex. Abortion doesn’t solve problems; it causes negative consequences, and some time causes long term illness. In most of the under urbanized countries women lose their lives because of unqualified doctors, unsanitary circumstances and lack of instruction, as well as lack of education in women. People do not understand that there are thousands of complications when doing abortion and even it takes the life of a woman. Abortion is not only dangerous it is ethically wrong. We all need to come together to save a life of unborn babies and mothers who go thru all the discomfort.
Abortion have long-term side effects which can also take the life of individual. If women do not grieve from short term physical problem such as bleeding, nausea, cramping pain. That does not mean she will not suffer in future. Most of the women who had abortion can have drug abuse. Study had done about a link between abortion and substance abuse, those who done abortion are more unmannerly then the non-aborted women. But women who have aborted their babies are not all addicted. Another fa...

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...r people who had make huge difference in our life and we haven’t notice that they were adopted instead of abort.
We need to work together to protect our families, relatives and society from insaneness. We as human beings need to understand the importance of others and values of others. Abortion is dangerous and I don’t think anyone need to suffer through such horrific situation; not a mother nor a baby. How can we stay happy by killing some innocent life, which is our own blood? If we have humanity inside of us, we have to take it out and show that we do care and love one another. If we take our own example such as what happen if our parents decide to abort us. We won’t be living in this beautiful world today. Appreciate what we have, not everyone are lucky enough to be pregnant and have baby. Except the reality of life and move on with what we all have in our life.

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