How a leader can change a society

How a leader can change a society

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How a leader can change a society
Leaders of the world and of any country particular plays most important role to achieve genuine happiness of its people. Good and capable leader leads its people and country to a peace and prosperity, while the cruel and incapable leader bring people to the world of sufferings and ultimately ruin country. Leader must not only be educated and experienced but it is important to be a compassionate and sensible to the problems faced by their people. Leaders of the government should win the trust of people by being strategically friendly avoiding any kind of provocation or war with neighboring countries and must also allow a degree of transparency in the day to day working and the governance of the country.
In my view most important character of a good leader is that they must be compassionate. Having a personality of caring about people is important. You can?t be a good leader unless you generally like people. That is how you bring out the best in them. No matter what credential they have and how much experience they have in administration but without being compassionate they can't ever become a responsible and successful leader. For example Hitler is known for his cruelty and he had no feelings for his own race. He failed to understand the feelings of Jews and thus persecuted them. He also failed to know the fact that the strength of his country lies in them, while opposite is Mahatma Gandhi, a major political and spiritual leader of India, followed nonviolent actions, avoiding any bloodshed in the country during their struggle for Independence. Because of his compassionate nature many leaders in today's world has looked him upon. So leader must be compassionate first without being influence by any ulterior motive.
Secondly, with compassion, leader must be far-sighted and able administrator. He must be able to organize his government in a way that it would reach the grass root level. No section of the society should be left out. Policy or scheme initiated for the benefit of public must be implemented in such way that it should not get politicize and corrupt during the process of implementation. Administration should notice and reach the problems being faced by public and tackle it on time without unnecessary delay. And most important of all he must knows well about the interest of country in today's global world and able to create a conductive atmosphere to achieve lasting peace and prosperity in global village.

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As mayor of Bogota, Colombia, Enrique Peñalosa accomplished remarkable changes of monumental proportions for the people of his country in just three years. Although Peñalosa?s urban reforms have been praised for their environmental benefits and overall contributions to the quality of life, he prefers to focus on their role in promoting social equity. When serving as mayor of Bogotá, he realigned the focus of city planning and policies to a new priority: equal access of all people to public spaces, services, and facilities. Peñalosa believes that public spaces are one of the only environments where all citizens, regardless of income, can meet as equals. He explains that "high-quality public pedestrian space? [is] evidence of a true democracy at work." One of the most essential roles of public spaces is therefore to give all people a sense of belonging and create a more socially integrated community. Peñalosa changed the way Bogota treated its non-driving citizens by restricting automobile use and instituting a bus rapid transit system which now carries a 1/2 million residents daily.
Lastly, when you step up and answer the call to lead others, you also accept the responsibility to serve the people you represent, to protect their interests and to promote the cause you have committed yourself to. I have chosen the following qualities I admire most in a good leader. To my mind, good leaders have a vision. A leader with vision has a clear, vivid picture of where to go, as well as a firm grasp on what success looks like and how to achieve it. They must be driven by a set of values that serves them and their followers, accept the responsibility that comes with leadership and set goals that are committed to achieving them.
When we select our commanders, we expect them to create a vision, motivate and inspire their people toward that vision. We also expect our commanders to face squarely any situations that may undermine unit effectiveness and cohesion. We expect our commanders to be more than the head of a unit, we expect them to be leaders and to be accountable for mission performance. Those who recognize the interdependence of leadership and command are the most effective commanders, can best translate intentions into reality, and sustain momentum. Therefore, we must select for command those who will, with resolve and persistence, meet all the responsibilities??pleasant and unpleasant??inherent in command.
These are the most important, but not all of, the qualities you need to be a leader. Some characteristics may be more naturally present in the personality of a leader. However, each of these characteristics can also be developed and strengthened. A good leader whether they naturally possess these qualities or not, will be diligent to consistently develop and strengthen them in their leadership role.
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