How a Holistic Model Might Help in Explaining the Experience of Mental Health

How a Holistic Model Might Help in Explaining the Experience of Mental Health

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What would be the benefits and drawbacks for Bronwyn, whose story was featured in Unit 2, of being assessed as having a psychiatric disorder?
To be assessed as having a psychiatric disorder requires medical diagnosis, either from a doctor or a mental health practitioner. A treatment plan will be offered if a diagnosis is made that may include medication and a care plan. Bronwyn is an example of someone who is not classified with a psychiatric disorder, yet is questioning her mental health as life has become unmanageable and overwhelming (The Open University, 2008). The K225 Course Model examines the external influences of the service user and determines whether they have contributed to the mental distress being experienced (The Open University, 2008b, pp.26-27). This essay will use the K225 Model to discuss Bronwyn’s situation, working like a map to reveal the route that has led to her mental distress, explore both the benefits and the drawbacks of being diagnosed with a named psychiatric disorder and how the decision that she makes could impact her life. “To be placed in a category of ‘mental illness’ can have a significant impact on someone’s life” (The Open University, 2008d, p.105).
The K225 model places Bronwyn at the centre and surrounds her with the social, environmental, economic and political dimensions of her life. Many of Bronwyn’s issues can be seen in more than one dimension and therefore can affect or be affected by other areas. The model shows that relating Bronwyn’s experience of mental distress to these external areas of her life will reveal a wider holistic view of her world (The Open University, 2008a, p.20). These dimensions are held together by Bronwyn’s ethics and values, which will also influence how sh...

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...o the psychosocial, biosocial and biopsychosocial models that combine aspects of other models and a holistic approach that considers the whole person to find the cause of mental distress.
This essay has looked at Bronwyn’s life using the K225 model and has revealed that social, environmental, economic and political factors have all contributed to her mental distress. Drawing from course materials and external research the essay has explored the benefits and drawbacks of seeking a professional opinion that could lead to a psychiatric diagnosis. It has also looked at the diverse perspectives in mental health and how they can influence diagnosis and treatment options. With the information presented in this essay Bronwyn could consider the benefits and drawbacks of receiving a psychiatric diagnosis and the impact this would have on her life before making a decision.

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