How A Clinic Evolves Into An Empowered Workforce Essay

How A Clinic Evolves Into An Empowered Workforce Essay

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To ensure a clinic evolves into an empowered workforce it must have leadership commitment, support and facilitation where management 's role demonstrates a supportive attitude, role modeling, training, MBWA, taking quick action on suggestions and recognize the accomplishments of its workforce (Davis & Goetsch, 2011). Therefore, the front-line, middle and senior leadership will have to provide feedback, set expectations and provide training and guidance to promote critical decision making and problem solving skills. Although most of the staff has a higher education and have developed some critical thinking skills, they will need feedback, knowledge, resources and clear expectations on their role within the organization to move toward total quality improvement utilizing empowerment. The front-line office clerks will have to provide weekly over the counter collections rates, monthly budget amounts and patient satisfaction scores to the staff while allowing them to develop solutions to enhance front office services. Furthermore, the front-line manager will have to mentor; train and support the staff by ensuring ideas/solutions are developed. In one of the clinics I work on employee empowerment, the front office staff suggested adding a float check in/out FTE to help decrease the lines at either check in or out. This position would float between the two areas and would increase the budgeted FTEs of the front office staff. The front office manager reviewed the budget and presented a workflow on the past months peak times for each area and how increased FTEs would result in decreased lines and improved patient satisfaction. The past months over the over the counter collections were displayed along with patient satisfaction on the...

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...connect with the employee to solve these issues while creating trust and recognition (Peters & Austin, 1985). This does not indicate the manager/leader wanders aimlessly around the facility, forgoing their duties, but interacts, reviews and gains first knowledge about the issues, solutions and employees (Davis & Goetsch, 2010). The manager should have asked questions, solicit input from employees and engage them on a personal basis thereby creating an environment for empowerment (Davis & Goetsch, 2010). This technique is very useful in the clinic and allows the manager to participate in customer service, employee recognition while observing the operations of the clinic. I usually spend 30 minutes walking around each of the 15 clinics to listen to concerns, ask question or connect with the individuals who the work and I want each of them to feel valued and special.

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