How A Business Is Impacted By The External Operating Environment Affecting Business

How A Business Is Impacted By The External Operating Environment Affecting Business

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1.0 Introduction
2.0 External Business environments
2.1 Competition
2.2 Government Policies
2.3 Natural forces
2.4 Demographic factors
2.5 Technological changes
3.0 Industry data analysis
3.1 SWOT Analysis
3.2 Strengths
3.3 Opportunities
3.4 Weaknesses
3.5 Threats
4.0 Understanding the PEST Factors
4.1 Political
4.2 Economic
4.3 Socio Cultural Factors to Consider
4.4 Technological Factors to Consider
4.5 Take Action
4.6 Key points
5.0 Analysis of the competitive position of Lovechinchin through Porters Five Forces
5.1 Composition of Forces
5.2 Competitive Rivalry
5.3 Threats of new Entrants
5.4 Threats of Substitutes
5.5 Bargaining Power of Buyers
5.6 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
6.0 Conclusion
7.0 A personal Reflection Based on Learning Experience
7.1 VARK
7.2 What I found
7.3 What I Learned
7.4 Working with others
7.5 Learning Experience

1.0 Introduction
This report suggests discussing how a business is impacted by the external operating environment affecting business, in array to bring sustainable buyer value to consumers’ in the market. This sustainable buyer value is delivering in an effort to ensure the security of market share, plus increase the effectiveness and revenue of the existing business.
This statement will as well include personal application of models, theory, and analysis of the business- how it is impacted by environment influences in addition to how the current business performance and marketing policies will best go well with the introduction of latest Products, whilst still sustaining the existing produce range (Owen, 2011).
Love Chin Chin is an eminent West African festival snack eaten at birthdays, parties, and weddings or when you fancy with these new handy packs...

... middle of paper ...

...the industry expands. Main factors may include, the power wielded by buyers and suppliers, the situation of competitors, plus the likelihood of new market entrants (Jain and Jain, 2014).
3.1 SWOT Analysis
Users of the SWOT analysis may therefore use the first two sections (Strengths and Weaknesses) in aiding them identify all of the internal factors. The last two sections (Opportunities with Threats) are be used to identify the external factors (Wolinski et al, 2009).
3.2 Strengths (Internal factor - Positive influence)
Love Chin Chin are fully best at providing excellent produce and marketing them technologically. They come up with a great team of marketing. Similarly they have a smart production team wich comes up with new brands of products of quality, raising their customers number. The Chin Chin Limited has not had any kind of bankruptness and hence have a good

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