Essay on How A Bow From Green Wood

Essay on How A Bow From Green Wood

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How to make a Bow from Green Wood.
A bow is a very versatile hunting weapon or tool to have. There are a lot of ways to make a good bow. But the bow that you will learn about in this essay, is normally a short term survival bow, and is usually called a father-son bow, because it is made up of two bows. A large bow with a smaller one tied or attached to its back. The reason it is usually made this way is because most of the time it is made from green wood. Although the green wood is much easier to work with and to carve, it will not have the same power or strength as a properly seasoned bow would. So by using both the smaller and larger bows, you can make a stronger bow from weaker wood. Step one. In order to make a good strong bow from green wood, you will need a straight branch that is about five to five and-a-half feet long, and about three to three and-a-half inches in diameter. You can make a longer and thicker bow if you want to, but I have found that it is easiest to make on at this length and width. Also, the wood should not have any side branches or knots. They will only get in the way and make it harder to shape and work with your bow. The best wood to use for a bow should be flexible, such as wood from a hazel tree. The wood should not be too flexible or your bow will not have enough power, but if the wood is not flexible enough your bow will either snap in half, or shatter when you try to shoot it. Trust me you do not want this to happen because it hurts. You must try to find a stout, but flexible branch. You can even test the...

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...eated your own arrows or bought some new ones, you are ready to start firing your newly made bow. Although its life-span and performance will be greatly increased if it is left out to dry for a week or two, it is not entirely necessary. Do not expect instant success in firing your new bow, because it will take some practice. Since your bow will be so much different from any store bought bow. You will need to learn how to load, draw, aim and fire effectively. Start slow and with some practice you will become faster. You will want to find a big field, or a large stretch of open ground somewhere (so that you do not lose all of your arrows practicing). Once you do this you can set up an array of targets and start practicing. It will take some time, but with a little patience and perseverance, you will soon be able to hit a target from a multitude of distances and angles.

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