How A Baby Is A Complex And Difficult Process Essay

How A Baby Is A Complex And Difficult Process Essay

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Before watching “Life’s Greatest Miracle,” I knew conceiving a baby is a complex and difficult process. However, I did not realize just how complex and difficult that process actually is. Conceiving a baby takes a lot more than meets the eye: it takes DNA from both genders, the right timing and so much more.
It comes as no surprise that our bodies are made to reproduce and that the urge to procreate is a fundamental part of life. Reproduction is what allows us to create generation after generation. It is incredible to think we all start as one single vulnerable cell and then we all blossom into one hundred trillion cells with no person being completely identical to another. It seems nearly impossible to have that many variations. With that said, reproduction through sex gives us the variety we need to function as a society. If we cloned like bacterium does, we would be at risk for having a single illness and/or disease to knock us all out. I found this interesting because I never thought of it like that. I just assumed bacterium cloned because they are not as complex as humans. I guess I did not stop to think why this was.
To add more detailed information to the process above: The video explained the entire process of how conception becomes successful and conception can fail. The video was entertaining and used simple vocabulary and moving graphics to explain the process. The video taught me that DNA runs the show because of its ability to make copies of itself. DNA is carried in the sperm from the male and in the egg of the female. Males begin making sperm following puberty while females create all their eggs in the womb. Following puberty, males make approximately 1,000 new sperm every second while female’s eggs begin to die ...

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...ats the egg and so it cannot fertilize something that is not there.
Finally, after the women accepts the sperm to join her egg, the sperm is given another set of challenges. The egg is covered with a hard protein shell that called a zona. No sperm is just strong enough to break this shell, so the sperm has to introduce itself properly first. Once the sperm goes through and completes all of the challenges. The egg and sperm take over and begin developing a baby. The development of a baby goes through three trimesters before the parents get to meet their “Life’s Greatest Miracle.”
All things considered, I learned more about the conception of a child than I expected. I had expected to know a majority of what the video was describing, but I was wrong. After the lengthy and difficult process of conception it is no wonder children are considered “Life’s Greatest Miracle.”

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