Houston Permitting Center For My Supervisor Essay example

Houston Permitting Center For My Supervisor Essay example

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The first most important task I perform regularly is going to the Houston Permitting Center for my supervisor. It gives me the opportunity to see how the city does things and also gives my supervisor more time to do other things that he needs to do. Secondly is Estimating. The third and last task that I perform regularly is going by the job site and checking on progress. My supervisor has me do this at least once or twice a day.

My supervisor determines the priority of these tasks. It starts with Estimating because without that we wouldn’t be able to get the job. After that, it continues with going to the Houston Permitting Center. Without me going there we wouldn’t be able to get the necessary permits. Then finally it concludes with going by the job site and checking on things.

Without Estimating we wouldn’t be able to get any jobs. Following that, we wouldn’t be in the position to get permits or even go to the job sites.

The way I have handled competing tasks is by managing my time. Frequently I find myself setting aside an allotted time period to complete each task that is g...

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