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Housing the Mentally Ill Essay

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With more frequent mental illnesses showing up within society today, many threats are posed. Are these ill people safe on their own? Can they raise families of their own if they cannot take care of themselves? Who should be in charge and responsible for these people? These questions have been regularly asked and discussed between families of those who are ill and the physicians who take care of these patients. I have come to believe that many, if not most of these people should be in care. Throughout history, mentally ill people have been known to be violent and have violent outbursts including murders and sexual offenses. Mentally ill citizens cannot be held responsible for themselves due to their disabilities. However, these citizens are ill and should be contained in hospitals to prevent the threat they pose to society.
Every side has an opposition. Likewise, these oppositions need to be understood and respected to understand what one side truly agrees with and are standing for. The Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons states that the mentally retarded citizens are “feasibly” the same as other human beings and deserve the same rights. The Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons also states that he or she has a right to proper medical care, to engage in work to their capabilities, a right of protection from degrading treatment, and the right to be evaluated by an expert and appeal to higher authorities. This saying that he or she has the same rights as any other citizens. All human beings have rights and are entitled to those rights. Mentally ill are still independent people who can, with some help from family members or loved ones can live a happy normal life outside of a hospital or instituti...

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