Essay Household Hazardous Products and Waste

Essay Household Hazardous Products and Waste

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We live in a time where throwing away random things is normal and we don’t have one thought about it. We live in an endless cycle of producing, consuming, wasting, and then throwing away. Corporations create useless products where they know consumers will just throw it away after one use and the corporations profit from this use. This waste grows in volume and is very toxic for the environment. These corporations are also not pressured into recycling and reusing their products and are allowed to reproduce toxic materials in their products. The manufacturing industry produces large amounts of waste every day. The material they waste away contains very valuable resources that can be reused. Raw materials are becoming very scarce and more expensive, so educating companies and people to reuse their material will be very beneficial for our economy and environment. The way our society was built was not our fault. The industry and government has led to this waste cycle and ruined our economy but it’s not the end. There are ways for communities and people to reduce the amount of waste and toxins that are wasted away and go into the environment. By educating companies and communities, people can have a greater understanding in what to do with waste and toxins.
Identification of the Major Environmental Problem
One of the greatest environmental issues that the world faces is throwing away thrash and products that contain hazardous chemicals that affect the environment negatively. The most common way people throw away their trash is by dumping chemicals down the drains. Many communities, wastewater treatments plants, and private septic systems contain a biological process that breaks down sewage when it goes through. When chemicals go down...

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