House Of Card Is An Exaggerated Illustration Of How The United States Government Works

House Of Card Is An Exaggerated Illustration Of How The United States Government Works

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House of Cards is an exaggerated illustration of how the United States government works. Yet the show provides the audience with a simple view of ideological differences in Congress, everyday tasks of politicians, campaigning and elections, and the interaction that the government has with the media.
House of Cards is a Netflix original series with currently four seasons available for viewing. The show follows southern Democrat, Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey, as he makes his way up the political ranks. During the entirety of the first season, Underwood leads the House as the Majority Whip. On his quest for power Underwood demonstrates in the first few episodes that he has the ability to get what he wants, when he wants it. He is cunning, manipulative, and has no problem killing anyone who stands in the way of his goals. He frequently breaks the fourth wall and tells the audience his thoughts and ulterior motives. By the second season Underwood’s tactics advance him to Vice President, in the third season he becomes President, and in the fourth season he is running for reelection. The first episode sets the stage for Underwood’s character and sheds light on his motives. It also introduces main characters that act as pawns for Underwood, such as journalist Zoe Barnes and congressman Peter Russo, as well as his wife Claire who helps him carry out all of his plans. The second episode is where we start to see Underwood calculating and putting his plans in motion. Underwood coerces politicians into making choices that he knows would solely benefit him and he leaks stories so he can spin them in his favor.
House of Cards is relevant to subjects covered in the course. Specifically, the topics of the media, elections, and congre...

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...The show makes Washington, D.C. seem like a terrible place with terrible people. It also categorizes politicians into two groups, one being the manipulative and scheming politicians and the other being the easily manipulated and passive politicians and there is no in between. However, some may feel that the dramatization is necessary for the show to be interesting and without it House of Cards would just be a dull show about politics. While the show is dramatic and exaggerates events, it may also be a projection of what many people think happens in Washington, D.C. and how people think politicians behave.
Regardless of the show’s dramatization, House of Cards depicts an interesting view of America’s political system. This show should not be used for educational purposes, however, it does give the audience insight to some of the more basic functions of the government.

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