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Hourly History : American Revolution Essay

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Hourly History. American Revolution: A History from Beginning to End. Published March 27th, 2016 by Hourly History Limited.

In this short book by Hourly History, they provide the reader with plenty of information about the American Revolution in a get to the point, cover this topic in a very straight forward concise way. They do this to keep the reader interested, by not dragging the book out longer than need be, it covers all the main points in the American Revolution in 14 chapters with enough information to keep the reader entertained whilst providing a good amount of information to learn from. The author of this book was trying to establish a very informative book about the American Revolution, in a book reasonable enough to be read in under 60 minutes that appeals to likes of children, adults and elderly people. They maintained a very natural flowing book that wasn’t choppy with ideas and was put together nicely, it was well maintained and thought out. Hourly History provides 17 other books that range from Norse Mythology, United States Presidents, to the Titanic. They wrote a

book on the Civil War, the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution as well, for readers who would like to read more books like this one.
This book covers the American Revolution that took place between 1765 and 1783. Hourly History starts the book off by talking about The French and Indian War that begun in 1754 and how that war caused Great Britain to join in the war to convince the Native American tribes to support the British against the French. This impacted the lives of the American colonists because in doing that it caused England to have a major amount of debt. Thus the reason the British began taxing everything that was sent to the Ame...

... middle of paper ...

... things that had happened to shape everything and make America what it is today. It includes details of some of the things George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams had done. This book had many assets to it such as good point and a strong writing style. There was

not many flaws to this book other than the missing bibliography. It did not include any maps, charts or pictures to reference by. The author had a good tone throughout the book that keep readers drawn in and wanting to read. He had a very clear writing style that flowed together seamlessly. I would recommend this book to anyone who wanted a quick brush up on American history, or to a history buff. Anyone could read this book and find it interesting enough to want to finish it, it was short enough that people don’t feel threatened by the length. Which makes it a good book for almost anybody.

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