The Hour Long Lecture Of Bell Hooks And Cornel West Essay

The Hour Long Lecture Of Bell Hooks And Cornel West Essay

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The hour long lecture of Bell Hooks and Cornel West deemed to be one of the most informative lectures over the culture of African Americans I have listened to. It was not only amazingly informative, but Hooks and West touched on many subjects that we have already covered and are currently learning in class. These subjects include transgression, white supremacy, patriarchy, consciousness, racialized sexism, and what is very relevant in today 's current society, the privilege of whites in America. I would also like to mention that their lecture was intriguing mainly due to their close relationship with one another. This relationship provided comic relief and both professors were able to work together to provide different viewpoints on certain ideas, yet they were able to agree with each other on many of them as well. Because Hooks and West previewed many ideas and subjects that we have introduced in class, I would like to focus on their three major subjects; social construction, privilege, and patriarchy.
Social Constructs in Relation to African Americans
America has made huge steps since the 1950’s in eliminating racism against not only African Americans but other races as well. Unfortunately, in today 's society Americans still place stereotypes on many races, and ethnic groups. In relation to African Americans, Americans have implemented multiple stereotypes onto African Americans because of social construction. The social constructs that are relevant in America today were created during the years after slavery. African Americans were unfairly put into America’s capitalist economic system as the lower class, because of that many are born into poverty and are significantly underprivileged. There are even false ideologies that ...

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...t least appears to be unconscious to a patriarchal system that is evident in businesses, the government, and society. One can also relate the patriarchal system to racialized sexism. Because the patriarchy system in America revolves around the idea that being a white male receives the most privileged, people often tend to think that racism is mainly directed towards African American men instead of ethnic groups as a whole, and feminism involves mainly white females, which leaves women of color as their own collective identity that is result of the patriarchal system in America. Patriarchy also promotes males as being dominant which unknowingly enforces domestic violence. Thus, in conclusion, the patriarchy system that exists in America today is a silent problem that many need to be more aware of because it leads to unfair treatment, and in extreme circumstances death.

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