Hotel Risk Management

Hotel Risk Management

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Hotel Risk Management
The Checkers is one of India s finest luxury hotels offering the best in international dining experience along with warm Indian Hospitality.
The Hotel is located in center of the Chennai s emerging commercial area in a unique resort atmosphere that promises peace and tranquility.
Just 15 minutes from the airport, located in the center of Chennai's commercial area, the hotel's beautiful rooms will win the heart of every traveler. The Checkers provides the following facilities: 15 rooms, Superior and Presidential Suites and Jacuzzi, Non Smoking rooms,
Bar and 24 hr Coffee shop and Restaurants,
Two Banquet halls,
Business Centre,
Indian and Oriental Restaurants,
24 hr Internet facility,
Terrace Swimming Pool.

Local area

Reception, lobby and front office:

As one enters the building through the main entrance, there is an overwhelming feeling of awe of the traditionally yet classically done interiors. A waiting lobby comfortably placed with new magazines and newspapers, on either side of the entrance with a seating capacity of 15-20 persons, which directly faces the reception and an information desk adjacent to it. The helical staircase acts as a backdrop for the reception and continues throughout the 10 floors of the hotel finished with a creamy marble and brass hand rails which gives it an informal and rich feeling to the overall setup. There are 2 capsule lifts in the atrium near the reception adjacent to the helical staircase which runs between the -2 basement levels to the tenth floor. The E-messenger or an electronic display board placed near the atrium gives information about all the conferences, parties or function happening in the hotel on that date. The 50 feet long chandelier in the atrium attracts a lot of interest from the guests and also intensifies the height of the atrium.

Adjacent areas

24-hour coffee shop and restaurant:

The multi-cuisine restaurant which serves buffet for lunch and dinner is located in the ground floor with a seating capacity of 70 covers. It also has a private area partitioned by glass which can seat up to15-20 persons which at times also acts as a non-smoking zone.


Adjacent to the restaurant in the ground floor is the kitchen. This kitchen has access to 2 service lifts for the purpose of transportation of working staff and also for the goods. There is a separate service entry/exit for the kitchen which leads out of the building through which items for cooking and raw materials are brought into the building.

External area

The surrounding land use is commercial and there are a few shops nearby.

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We enter into the building from mount Road and the traffic flow is pretty heavy, so there is a sufficient amount of drop-off zone for vehicles coming into the site and there is clarity of planning of the entrances and exits which is easily comprehended by anyone.

Entrances and exits:. There is a separate fire exit staircase which is placed almost centrally to the whole building which is easily accessible for the staff as well as the guests, which leads out to the parking lot. Apart from the service entry in the kitchen, there is also a staff entry in the ground floor next to the fire exit staircase. Valet parking facility is available and 40 Two-wheelers and 25 cars can be parked on the ground level. A total of 100 cars can be parked including basement parking. Entrance porch acts as a drop-off zone for the guests on arrival.

Remote area:

Saidapet is a locality of Chennai, India. Mambalam, T.Nagar, Guindy, Nandanam, K. K. Nagar, Jafferkhanpet are its neighbourhood suburbs. A subway joining Alandur road and Anna Salai (earlier Mount Road) has been constructed recently. This allows easier access to Anna Salai, the arterial road in Chennai. Saidapet is largely a residential area with very few shopping places. However, there is gradual commercial development. Saidapet starts from the Southern boundary of Maraimalai Adigal Bridge. It was called the Marmalong Bridge for over 200 years. In the 1970s this bridge was broadened.
Risks observed in the local area:

• Lift pit- wood and plastic used as an aesthetic framework. The plastic used is ordinary and is susceptible to breakage due to vibration, as the lift goes upto 10 floors. The better material which we can opt for is FRP-fiber reinforced plastic-is a composite material comprising a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. The fibers are usually fiberglass, carbon, or aramid, while the polymer is usually an epoxy, vinylester or polyester thermosetting plastic where its high strength to weight ratio is of importance.

• The Landing area of the staircase is of marble and is slippery if mopped and there is no indication to show that there is a staircase unless one really goes closer to it. There is a good chance of accidents happening. We can just add a small signage or a tactile marking to indicate the landing of the staircase so that it would not only aid a normal human being but also the visually challenged.

• Helical Staircase which looks attractive in the lobby area but it is a hazard for people using it as the same staircase goes for 10 stories of the building and also two levels down for the basement. It also defies the national building code in India as a normal staircase (dog-leg or open well) has to be provided in a multi-storied building in a commercial set-up.

• Chandelier fixing in the lobby area- It is a metal chandelier that is used and taking into account the weight of the chandelier, heavy ones will require a junction box strong enough to support the weight and hold the fixture in place which was not provided as a safety measure here. You may install a dimmer for your chandelier so you can control the atmosphere of the room.

• Marble flooring –Beautiful Inlay Work done in Marble catches the eye of the observer but it does have certain disadvantages like-Marble does not bear handling well as it will absorb skin oils when touched, which leads to yellow to brownish staining and it lacks ductility and strength. IT tend to be very slippery if its not maintained properly. Better Option could be Marbonite- is a fully vitrified product with water absorption of less than 0.05 per cent. This ensures better stain resistance and easy maintenance which provides for cleanliness and hygiene and is cost effective too.

Risks observed in the adjacent area:


• The display of food is cantilevered 0.6m from the column by clear glass and it is dangerous to keep heavy dishes on it as it is not durable enough to hold them.

• Not much clearance space between the adjacent tables are given, so people tend to trip and fall and the situation would be embarrassing to everyone.

• A part of the false ceiling is made up of glass and it is definitely not seismic prone and in case of earthquakes or such natural disasters, nothing could be more dangerous than glass breaking on people’s heads.


• There are 3 sets of pipes running through the kitchen which is attached to the ceiling. One is for the hot water; second one for cold water, and the third for gas for cooking.

• These pipes hang precariously on the ceiling with no extra protection a little above 6’ in the preparation area and in case of breakage of any one of the pipes can cause a huge damage and it is as though the building is sitting on an atomic bomb and the damages caused would be very severe.

• It also has a small room which serves as a store but is actually a duct for all the pipelines to run throughout the building and the doors are not fire rated, so in case of fire accidents, fire can spread easily through this duct to the whole height of the building.

Risks observed in the external area:

• The ramp provided for the car parking is too steep, acting as a good liability for accidents and near the main entrance parallel parking was provided and vans were parked there and there was very little space for the turning radius of the car.

• The 2 wheeler parking was provided near the garbage disposal and gives a very unpleasant smell which has to be avoided.

• The ramp going into the basement was also very steep and not upto the parking standards and one has to be very careful not to trip and fall.

• There is only one main entrance which also acts as the exit and there is a lot of confusion around while parking the vehicles and even clashes with the traffic on the main road thereby creating havoc all around the place.

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