Essay on The Hostess At The Middle Of A Beautiful Guy Sandwich

Essay on The Hostess At The Middle Of A Beautiful Guy Sandwich

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The hostess led us to our booth. Both men stood back to let me get seated first. Then "Mr. Hot As Hell" slid in on one side of me while "Mr. Cute As Hell" slid in on the other. I was the lucky lady in the middle of a gorgeous guy sandwich. I wanted to laugh and had to stop myself from doing so. It seemed so silly to me how I had ended up here at this moment with David and Charlie.
We were looking at our menus when Charlie engaged us in a discussion about food. We talked about what we liked and did not like to eat. We were pretty much in agreement, and all seemed to have similar tastes in food.
“Could I interest you both in ordering a bunch of appetizers and a few entrees? We can share everything and have a mini smorgasbord of sorts. Since we all like the same things, it’s doable.” Charlie said.
“That sounds good to me,” I said.
“I’m okay with that too,” David said.
We collectively decided on what appetizers and entrees we would have. Our server came, took our order and left.
I wanted to learn a little about Charlie and so I said, “Julia tells me you’re new to the area. Where did you live?”
“I’m from Oklahoma. Oklahoma City to be exact, born and raised. I’ve been traveling around a lot for the last year. I feel like a nomad some days. I’m trying to find a home; I’d like to find someplace to call home.”
“So you’re traveling around looking for the place you feel you want to live and settle down?” David asked.
“That’s exactly what I’m doing,” Charlie said.
Our server returned with our wine, uncorked it and poured us each a glass.
“I’m going to have to drive home at some point. I need to take it easy with the drinking.” I said.
David shook his head and said, “I have a car and a driver. Please let’s just all enjoy ourselves. I promise...

... middle of paper ... I can’t help myself.” Charlie said to David.
David grinned and said, “That’s fine. I’m more of a slow dancer, and I’ll have a dance with her if she’s willing when they slow it down.
I found their exchange amusing. Even though I had just met these men I was so comfortable with the both of them. The alcohol was kicking in, and I was so attracted to the both of them for entirely different reasons. I felt like I had hit the man lottery twice.
Eventually, a slow song started playing; I was finally getting to dance with the exquisite David. He took my hand and led me onto the dance floor. He held my hand tightly, but not too tight. When we began to dance, he held me the same way. It was strong and sturdy. I felt electricity the same way I felt it with Charlie when he touched me. Being in his arms felt incredible. David was a lot of man wrapped up in a beautiful package.

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