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Robert Rowling, a native from Corpus Christi, has evolved into quite a successful businessman and has landed himself the 93rd spot on Forbes 400. Unlike many people, Robert Rowling was very fortunate to have a father who was extremely well off, by owning an oil company that he later sold to Texaco and is now owned by Chevron (Forbes 400). After selling Tana Oil & Gas for $476.5 million, Robert and his Father started up their equity group called TRT Holdings in 1989 (Texas Monthly). Robert grew up in a very conservative environment and has used some of his right-wing practices within his businesses.
Educational Preparation
Robert left Corpus Christi to attend the University of Texas studying business administration for his undergraduate degree, the school that he still donates millions to, and then attended Southern Methodist University to later get his Doctor of Jurisprudence. After practicing tax law for one year, he decided to go into business with his father in 1981 at Tana Oil & Gas, which his father, Reece Rowling, founded in 1980, which was sold shortly after father and son united in their business venture.
TRT’s Values
According to Hoovers “TRT Holdings has interests in guest pampering, iron pumping, and oil prospecting”. TRT Holdings currently owns Omni Hotels, Gold’s Gyms, and Tana Oil & Gas. In 1996, TRT Holdings purchased Omni Hotel and Resorts from a company in Hong Kong for roughly $500 million (Shetty, Leadership Style at TRT Holdings). Omni Hotels is a strong believer on making the experience all about the guest but giving the power to the associates to make it possible, so that is why they created the Power of One. There are 19 rules that associates must follow and use during different situations, one of whi...

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