Hospital System : A Medical Educational Institution Essay

Hospital System : A Medical Educational Institution Essay

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Historically (before 1880s), only few hospitals were originated in some big cities of U.S. Initially, the hospital system mainly run by religious organization and it served a primary purpose of palliation. According to Shi and Singh (2010), the function of hospitals at that time was more of “social welfare” (such as taking care of homeless people and helping those without families) than practicing medicine (p.56). Over the years, the functionality and the services offered by the hospitals has changed dramatically. However, it’s primary function to treat sick individuals has remained the same. Nowadays, hospitals also function as a research center, a medical educational institution, and is a major source of employment in the community (Sultz & Young, 2014, p.209). With the advance in technology, research and insurance system, hospital system has undergone significant changes. Over the last few decades, various laws have been established with the main purpose of making the system equal and more efficient for all. The U.S. hospital system has become more complex and less efficient due to significant political and monetary interference along with the passage of these laws. The most recent amongst those laws is the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was signed into legislation by President Obama in 2010. Various provisions in the ACA includes universal health insurance coverage, significant changes in the payment for health services and changes in the health care organization delivery and workforce policy. Thus, ACA has a significant influence on the current U.S. healthcare system.
Key events that have helped to shape the U.S. hospital system
Hospitals were initially developed outside the city limits as a place of segregation to keep ...

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...edicare readmissions, 2) Incentive to reduce hospital-acquired conditions, 3) Pay for value programs for hospitals and physicians and 4) bundled payment. (Blumenthal, Abrams and Nuzum, 2015). It is too early to draw any conclusion regarding success of these federal programs and its full impact on the U.S. hospital system remains uncertain.
The U.S. hospital system and its role has undergone significant changes since its inception in the 17th century. Its history is full of key events which has helped to shape the current U.S. hospital system. Major influences of the current U.S. hospital system are various health insurance laws, Medicare/Medicaid law, Hill-Burton law, etc. The most recent law is ACA which has certainly helped to decrease the number of uninsured Americans. Thus, ACA has a significant influence on the current U.S. healthcare system.

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