Hospital Quality Management : Hospital Of Iowa City Essay

Hospital Quality Management : Hospital Of Iowa City Essay

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Hospital quality management programs are important to ensure hospitals are delivering the highest quality of care at the lowest costs. Hospitals are continuously faced with patient dissatisfaction reports, increasing costs, competition with local hospitals, and the battle with reimbursement from insurance companies. Many areas are reviewed to evaluate what can be improved and what needs to be done to improve it. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and Mercy Hospital of Iowa City, are two hospitals within Iowa City, IA that have comparable quality control rankings.
The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics(UIHC) is the primary, go-to, hospital in the surrounding Iowa City area. It is a much larger hospital with many areas of specialty compared to Mercy Hospital of Iowa City. When reviewing the areas of quality management, I was surprised to see that Mercy Hospital had ranked higher in many areas. One area evaluated that I was most surprised about was how well nurses and doctors communicate to their patients. Being a Magnet certified hospital, recognizing its educated sta...

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