Hospital Management Case Study

Hospital Management Case Study

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Hospital Management Case Study
My analysis of this case is that the communication process at the hospital is the biggest problem. Chris is a newly college graduate and already an associate CEO of a huge organization with little experience, Pat the CEO of the organization is wanting Chris to make decisions on a problem that he knows little about being he was just hired. The issues that are at hand are that the CEO is placing a lot of the work on the new person and relying on him to think of how to overcome a lot of the problems that have been going on for awhile. Some of the issues in the case are that the people working at the hospital are making medical decisions that are not supposed to be making and the insurance companies are also making the decisions on what a certified doctor should be making. Another issue at the hospital is that the finances are not the way they should be and the CEO is saying that it is the operations are not the way it should be. If the following recommendations are followed then the hospital should work a lot smoother. All the problems the have risen could be put in to one problem is that there is no communication with the departments and people are making decisions that should not be.
My recommendations that should be done are that both the CEO which is Pat and the associate CEO which is Chris should work on this together and come up with some ideas. It is true that the hospital does need some fresh ideas, which Chris can provide but also in this situation needs the experience that Pat could provide which he has only gave Chris a little background of the problems that are going on.

There should be strict guidelines in the hospital when decisions have to made about a patients' well being because right now prescriptions are being written without insurance and being paid on installments, nurse are making decisions on DNR directives, the insurance companies are telling the doctors the way a patient should be taken care of.
All of these scenarios have to do the way the communication process is being handled and by the way situations are being handled it is affecting the hospitals finances because of the cost per day to take care of a patient.

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Some of the alternatives would be as follows, when a patient is admitted then at that time there should be a DNR form signed by the patient if that is their wishes. There should be no reason why pharmacists are allowing patients to be making installment payments on prescriptions who are uninsured; they should be paying for the prescriptions up front. When the insurance companies agree that they patient is covered then the whole amount should be covered by the patients' insurance covered and the balance should be covered by the co-pay of the patient. Any unauthorized treatments on patients should be prohibited. All patients should be treated whether they are insured or not. Even though the pharmacist or staff member himself cannot authorize payment plans the hospital has a centralized accounting department that can make payment plans for the patients, whether it is for prescription drugs or treatments that have been done in the hospital. If a patient is terminally ill they should have to have exams that not necessary because the patient may not live that much longer anyhow. Any authorized treatments or examinations etc should be made by the patients' primary doctor who is taking care of them. If the doctor wants these procedures done then he or she will let the staff know at the hospital.
Finally there should be more training on how the communication should flow through the hospital in taking care of a patient from the time the patient is admitted to the time the patient is discharged if they are discharged.
In summary, if these communication procedures are followed properly then the hospital will run a lot smoother, the cost per day for a patient with decrease, the patients and families will be a lot happier the right people are making the right decisions, and the finances of the hospital will improve dramatically, and then the mission statement will fall in to place on its own.
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