The Hospital Ethical Committee And As Well As Irb Essay

The Hospital Ethical Committee And As Well As Irb Essay

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These concerns will be revealed to the staff on a weekly basis and care will be adjusted accordingly to allow for development to occur. This study will seek support from both the hospital ethical committee and as well as IRB. The organization will be provided with a complete copy of such findings.
Organizational Assessment:
Since this is an ongoing pilot study, it is my recommendation that such education is implemented on our rehabilitation unit. I am currently working in the Intensive Care Unit where most patients are either sedated and on the ventilator and when improvement is seen the patients are transferred to the medical floors or rehabilitation unit. I do feel that this will be an excellent study for the rehab unit since it is the next stage of recovery before being discharged to an extended care facility or home. The successfulness of such program can prove beneficial to those that are being discharged to either place whether home or extended care facility. Falls not only occurs within the hospital setting but instead, it can occur anywhere. Such program can provide a sense...

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