Hospital And Treatment Of Hospital Essay

Hospital And Treatment Of Hospital Essay

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Imagine one day being in the hospital and you actually end up with more problems that what you originally went in there for. That sounds odd, going to the hospital to try and get better but ending up worse or with something different. This is called a hospital acquired infection, it sounds bad, and it is but it is a serious matter that is preventable. Hospital errors have become the third leading cause of death in the United States, killing 440,000 Americans annually (Hospital Errors, 2013). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on any given day about 1 and 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare associated infection. In 2011, 722,000 hospital acquired infections were reported, about 75,000 of these patients passed during their hospitalizations. Some common types of hospital acquired infections are pneumonia, gastrointestinal illnesses, urinary tract infections, primary bloodstream infections, surgical site infections, etc (HAI, 2016).
This is a major problem here in the United States but it is something that can so easily be prevented. More emphasis on good patient care has been made since the Institute of Medicine made their report on “To Err is Human”. Since then hospitals have been stepping up to try and give the best care they can to decrease the amount of errors made in care. They have tried improving care by following standard guidelines when administering care to patients. Although many hospitals have been following standard guidelines, errors such as pressure ulcers, falls and hospital acquired infections continue to remain high. Two ways that hospitals have been trying to improve their care is by focusing on single individual’s behavior. To prepare healthcare providers the best way possibl...

... middle of paper ... cases it can kill, if it does not kill then it leaves them in critical shape and in the hospital longer. Longer stays in the hospital causes financial difficulty to the patient, it gives them a higher bill, and puts them out of work or school longer, if they are still working or going to school. It also puts strain on their family having to travel to the hospital to visit them, or for the patient having to make arrangements for their children while they are not home. This has an effect on almost aspect of the patient’s life, not just physically. Health care providers can prevent this from happening in the smallest ways, a big part of spreading infection can be prevented from basic hand hygiene. The medical field has come a long way over the last decade, and has made many improvements, so hopefully one day hospital errors and infections will be almost nonexistent.

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