Essay about Horses of the Wild West and the World

Essay about Horses of the Wild West and the World

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Domestication of the horse took place 5-6,000 years ago, near the end of the Neolithic period. It is almost certain that it first took place in Eurasia, through the nomadic Aryan tribes, around the Black and Caspian Seas. It is from this point in the history of the world that the existence of truly wild horses begins to decline; their place taken by domestic stock.
Horses are located all over the world, depending on their location and the traits they poses; they have all since been given specific breeds.
The closest living relative to the horses of today is the Asiatic Wild Horses. These horses are better known as the przewalskii horses, which were discovered by Nicolai Mikhailovitch Przewalskii in 1879. Within 10 years of Przewalskii’s discovery Russian and European collects had captured horses to sustain a breeding operation. These horses have a sandy dun coloration, with a black mane tail, dorsal, and black legs with horizontal stripes. The average height of these horses is 13 hands. Even in captivity today, these horses are hardly considered domesticated, and are generally never broke to ride.
Sable Island is one of the more questionable places to find horses; the island is only about 30 miles long and one mile wide. There are no trees and the vegetation is limited in low shrubs, dune grasses, and wild pea plants. Amazingly, this island has supported livestock since mid-way through the sixteenth century, when Portuguese expeditions to the Canadian shores put cattle, pigs, and horses on the island; which they called Santa Cruz. Early in the nineteenth century, several small herds had been established on the islands. In 1801, James Morris, the first superintendent of the Island, estimated there were over 90 horses the...

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...was a large herd of these horses lived. Even today, the controversy on this topic is far from dead. The witty Brumby horses still inhabit Australia in large numbers today.
These horses are only a few of the horses that are present throughout the world. Each breed has distinct physical features, attitudes, and stories behind how they arrived where they are. The interference with man seems to effect the well-being of some of these animals, even in different geographical areas.Will James had once said “..They really belong, not to man, but to that county of junipers and sage, of deep arroyas, mesas- and freedom.”

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