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Gods and goddesses were used in most civilizations. The Greeks and Romans had the same gods and goddesses, but with different names. The Romans used planet names for most. Poseidon is the Greek name and Neptune is the Roman name. Zeus is Greek and Jupiter is Roman. Hades is Greek and Pluto is Roman. Selene and Helios are Greek and Luan and Sol are Roman. The main reason for myths is to explain things that the people couldn’t. They were depicted in mythology as providing transportation, companions to the gods and goddesses, and to defeat monsters. Like most gods and goddesses, horses were used to pull chariots and others owned them
Poseidon, the god of the oceans, horses, and earthquakes is usually depicted as holding a trident with a fish tail or with legs riding in a chariot drawn by horses with tails or legs. His symbols are horses, dolphins, and a trident, a three-pronged spear. Poseidon, the god of many names, was most famous as the god of the sea. He lived in a palace made out of coral and gems on the ocean floor. He is associated with horses because he had a chariot pulled by horses. Some myths say that he created the horse out of a breaking wave and he loved to race the waves with his snow-white horses. Poseidon is used every day. There is a Poseidon Seafood Restaurant and a Neptune Fishing Company. There are many places that have the same myth about him. Edith Hamilton, Bulfinch Mythology, Dictionary of gods and goddesses, Book of Myths (all books), and Encyclopedia Mythica (website) all say that he is the god of the sea and horses and his brothers are Zeus and Hades.
Poseidon with Medusa the Gorgon fathered Pegasus, the winged horse. When the Greek hero, Perseus, cut off Medusa’s head, Pegasus spran...

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...t off the horn and left the body for the hunters and dogs.

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