Horses Are Much Dangerous Than Sharks Essay

Horses Are Much Dangerous Than Sharks Essay

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Horses are much dangerous than sharks. According to recent report horses kill 219 persons yearly (Kaplan M., Jan. 1, 2014); however sharks kill 12 persons every year. Whereas, this does not men that both horses and sharks are dangerous, but that there are reasons and explanations. Because all animals are defensive and act according to their instincts, this dose not show that animal are aggressive. Wild animals are not used to humans around them, so if they attack that would be logical. Nowadays, humans have many fears of the sea, called Thalassophobia, which is an intense and persistent fear of the sea (, 2014) . Many of those people who have Thalassophobia they have it because of sharks. When in fact sharks are not the most perilous specious comparing to other species in the water. When in fact, the behavior of sharks is not always aggressive, but humans misunderstand sharks in several ways; their belief in the myths of aggression, their failure to acquire factual information, and how the fishing and diving industry may provoke attacks on humans.

Sharks are one of the oldest animals that lived since the Jurassic period. Sharks lived for more than 400 million years, and that what encourage us save this specious of animal (Maisey, John G., 2014). According to The Science Authority sharks belong to a group of fishes known as the chondrichthyans, and this group includes the rays and chimaeras (rat fish) (Maisey, John G., 2014). This great group is one of the best-known sharks from the Devonian period. These sharks had approximately length of 1.5m (5 ft), and were fast swimming killer in that period with stiff, deeply forked tail, and hydrofoil-like paired fin (Maisey, John, 2014). This is one of many sharks kind the s...

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... how Jaws changed people belief on sharks and how the story of the sailors does. Movies and stories are not always true; people should read and try to find the truth about many things in their life. There is other solution for the people who do not like to read much; this solution is watching documentaries, which is fun to watch. On the other hand, nothing in this world do not have a reason even sharks has reasons to attack. Its true we can not change this reasons, but how ever we can know where we should swim, when we swim, and how to act if we saw shark. The last and not least is how do cage diving industry and illegal fishing boat attract sharks near the shore. Government must put strict policy for fishing and diving boat to that keep them from away from using blood to catch or attract sharks. Because diving and fishing boat always spill blood, to attract sharks.

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