The Horrors of Animal Testing Essay

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The number of animals that are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused adds up to over 100 million each year (11 Facts). Those animals’ lives are just as important as a human life and the lack of respect for these intelligent creatures is astonishing. The
reality of it is that many people are not aware of the horrors of animal testing, the laws against this ghastly act, and especially the effective alternatives.
It is hard to imagine what scientists do to animals when they are in a lab. In order to put a single pesticide on the market, it requires over 50 experiments on about 12,000
animals (11 Facts). Even after they do tests on all those animals, 92% of the objects in question that seem to be safe turn out to be a failure in human clinical trials (11 Facts). With that statistic, why do they still test on animals? Yet scientists are still conducting studies that require force feeding subjects that lasts weeks or months, or skin and eye irritation tests where they rub chemicals on shaved skin or drip the chemical into the eyes, all while neglecting to use any pain relievers (11 Facts).
Scientists also force animals to swallow large doses of a chemical to test what dose will cause death (11 Facts). Occasionally, a test will involve killing pregnant animals and testing on their fetuses (11 Facts). Along with everything else, animals can develop neurotic behaviors due to sterility, stress, and boredom. This includes spinning in circles, rocking back and forth, pulling their own hair out, and biting their skin (Peta). At the end of the study, animals are cruelly euthanized, and they do not get a chance to live a happy life (American).
Scientists have put all their faith in ambiguous animal “models” that do not necessarily tr...

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... or register for their use; pet owners, agriculture use, and retail pet stores are not under the control of the federal law (Explanation). Also under the AWA, there are regulations on how animals can enter the chain of commerce to eliminate the use of stolen animals (Explanation). Research facilities have to abide by legal restrictions on the imposition if pain during experiments; they must create an animal care
committee to review the use of animals by the facility and inspect animal housing (Explanation).
There is so much that can be done to make people more aware of the horrors of animal testing, the laws against this ghastly act, and the effective alternatives. It is time America starts a revolution and does something to change their ways. India, China, Italy, and Europe have either ended or are working to end animal testing, why is America so far behind (Peta)?

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