The Horror of Using Cocaine During Pregnancy Essay

The Horror of Using Cocaine During Pregnancy Essay

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Cocaine is an addictive and powerful stimulant of the central nervous system. Cocaine abuse is a big problem not only in the general population but also among pregnant women. “Nearly 4 percent women in the Unite States used cocaine during and other illicit drugs that may pose various risk for pregnant women and their babies” (March of Dime, 2013, para.1). The usage of cocaine during pregnancy is very dangerous and can harm the pregnant woman and her unborn baby in many ways. As adults, we have the ability to make choices/decisions and control our own behavior whether right or wrong. However, a child or baby in the womb has no choice and are also subject to suffering the drug abuse. And that is why I’ve focused on this topic.

Here is some information that could help you to understand the background of cocaine use during pregnancy. Throughout the early months of pregnancy, women who use cocaine may increase the high risk of miscarriage.(Gorski, 2002, para.2) Furthermore, women who also used cocaine during their pregnancy are twice as likely to have a premature baby as othe...

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