Horror, Documentaries And Horror Movies

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You sit down to watch a movie, and you're looking for a pleasant time, to be entertained. Out of all of the possibilities out there, which do you choose, horror, documentaries or comedies? Between horror, documentaries and comedy movies; comedy movies are the most entertaining genre, due to their purpose, appeal for everyone and option even for the family. Horror movies which are with the intent to scare and elicit fear and paranoia in the viewers. The goal is to leave viewers on high-alert and terrified. To evoke fear and leave a significant impact with you even after the movie finishes. Have you ever watched a horror movie and you’re left feeling shaky and frightful? These movies use fear as the driving force to spike your adrenaline, anxiety and keep you on the edge of your seat. This is done by using scare tactics such as suspense, thrill, terror, disgust and emotional and psychological fear. Horror movies use gore, extreme brutality and traumatizing scenes; which are not pleasing to watch. Sometimes this can be done with making the scenes real life situations, but also range with using supernatural forces, but intend to show the evil in this world. They incorporate very gory scenes that include torture, rape, and death. Brutal and gruesome scenes which glorify suffering and death that can leave you desensitized and numb. Scenes such as decapitation, torture, and cannibalism are thrown around comfortably. Take for example the character Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the movie IT. Pennywise is an unknown mysterious evil being that attracts children and devours them. Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, and Chucky, notably scary characters are loved for their terrifying and gruesome murders. Horror movies have even been found to be b... ... middle of paper ... ...nt or uncomfortable scenes. It's important that movies can be an all inclusive experience for everyone and comedy achieves that. Comedies leave a lasting positive impression regardless of age. There is a reason comedy films are one of the most notably known. If you think about one of your favorite movies, it's very likely that a comedy movie is part of that list. Comedies are overall, well rounded, entertaining movies that everyone can enjoy. When you want to have a nice day and enjoy watching movie that will lift your spirits or add to your happiness, wouldn't you want to watch one that leaves you laughing. There is a joy that comes from laugher that nothing compares to. Comedies serves as better entrainment, rather than horror and documentaries. They are made with the purpose to make you laugh, appeal to everyone's sense of humor and include options for children.

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