The Horror And Pity Created By War Essay

The Horror And Pity Created By War Essay

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Wilfred Own presents the horror and pity created by war by the use of visual and auditory techniques. These techniques help to magnify the vicious sense of war and clearly describe how the soldiers coped with the barbarity of war. He himself was in the army so we get an idea of how this influences his views; But also how horrific some of the incidents that happened to the soldiers were, as he witnessed many.

When we look at the poem ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ we can already see in the title a sense of meaningfulness. We can see that it is a moving poem. The word ‘Anthem’ is associated with a sense of patriotism which creates an image of how nobel the men who decided to go and fight were. They were doing it for our country therefore when harmful things happen to them we feel pity. An ‘Anthem’ is usually associated with church and in churches we usually have a large community of people therefore the title also brings a sense of unity to the poem as we pity those that we know that have horrible things happen to them. The word ‘doomed’ is also used in the title. This suggests something dark about the poem which adds to the sense of horror; Also the inevitability of war. The long vowel sound of ‘doomed’ adds to the sense of fear and horror. This word is also more poignant when used with the word ‘youth’ as the young men should not be exposed to situations like this where death is almost certain.

In the first stanza of this poem Owen used the phrase ‘die as cattle’. The use of this simile ‘as cattle’ creates an image of men being herded into the battlefield to be slaughtered; It makes the men sound replaceable when they die, creating a sense of a lack of respect for human life. The word ‘cattle’ is also plural showing that many men...

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...f his appearance before the war and after the war. The use of the phrases, ‘like a god in kilts’ and ‘legless’ show us his appearance has changed dramatically. The simile ‘like a god’ creates an image of a physically fit and good looking man with a certain amount of power over something. However, the word ‘legless’ depicts an image of his disability and the huge change in his appearance. He has now lost his strength and some of his pre-war abilities, he is no longer God-like.

In conclusion, Owen uses many poetic techniques to create a sense horror and pity that was felt during world war one. It brings to light different emotions and images to do with the war and makes us really think what horrors were in the war. For me personally, these poems are deeply moving as they show truly the tragedy of what happened to the men and the true extent of the impacts on the men.

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