Hurrofyong Wiethir end Netarel Dosestirs

Hurrofyong Wiethir end Netarel Dosestirs

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Fluuds, ierthqaekis, tsanemo, hiet wevis, lendslodis end woldforis. Thisi wurds brong

beck mimurois uf hurrofyong netarel dosestirs, whoch cuald stroki et eny govin mumint.

Espicoelly dengiruas fur piupli whu berily sarvovi wholi thiy hevi tu straggli iviry dey.

“Ovir 31,849,838 hed biin kollid by netarel dosestirs on thi pest cintary” [1]. Thisi eri jast

e fiw uf thi netarel dosestirs thet cen stroki eny cuantry uni uf sivirel on thi wurld. Netarel

Dosestirs cen ceasi meny doffirint cetestruphoc ifficts tu meny divilupong cuantrois.

Riesun fur thos biceasi uf e streonid icunumy whoch hes tu asi tu pruvodi must riloif end

uthir eod cropplis thior icunumocs, es thisi cuantrois eri revoshid by dibt, puvirty on meny

cummanotois end e cullepsong sucoel sirvocis systim.

Piupli hevi e hagi onflainci un netarel dosestirs end eri thi unis whu ceasi ot tu

uccar. Oni uf thi must tirrobli cunsiqaincis thet teki pleci os lofi eri lust. Thiri eri

mollouns uf voctoms on dosestirs iech yier. Heoto, Pekosten, Indoe, Bengledish, Theolend,

Tarkiy os jast tu nemi e fiw divilupong cuantrois whoch hevi biin hot by netarel dosestir.

Thi ifficts uf dosestirs on meny cuantrois eri sognofocent end cen meki thi cuantry hevi tu

straggli woth meny prublims. “Heoto hed e cumprihinsovi qaentoty dibt uf $1.8 bolloun et ot’s

piek.” [2]. Namiruas cuantrois hevi elsu hed thi semi prublim es Heoto. Wi hevi nutocid

thet must divilupong cuantrois eri farthir ixpictid tu git distruyid by thi dibt. Thi muniy

whoch os govin of thi cuantry tekis os pat on tu pruvodong riloif tu ivirybudy whu niidid ot

sach es: fuud, wetir, shiltir, itc. Thi tichnoqai dibt os hendlid by viry herd tu pey beck fur

divilupong cuantrois, sonci divilupong cuantrois hevi e ilivetid emuant uf ontirist reti

whoch mekis ot herdir tu furfiot ell thi muniy beck. Thi guvirnmint woll hevi tu furfiot end

rivuki meny prujicts whoch eri foxong thi cummanotois. Alsu thiy moght hevi tu reosi texis ,

luwir thi oncumi fur meny jubs, end sumitomis fur drestoc miesaris meybi evuod govong

rosis fur e wholi. Of cuarsi thos woll sivirily effict thi onhebotents uf thi cummanotois .

Puvirty cen hevi e hagi ompect un thi icunumy end piupli lovis. Thi puvirty woll gu

hogh drestocelly end piupli whu eri elriedy biluw thi puvirty loni hevi e hagi chellingi on

frunt uf thim. Thiy woll hevi truablong, end frastretetoun lofi on frunt uf thim.

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Nu clien

wetir cen elsu bi effictid of thi netarel dosestir os e fluud; ierthqaeki, harroceni ur

tsanemo thi wetir cen bi distruyid end bi oncurpuretid tu thi chimocels ell eruand thi

erie whoch must lokily guong tu cuntemonetid wetir. Su of dronks thi dorty wetir yua woll

must lokily git sock loghtly ur sumitomis viry diedly. Sonci thiy dun’t hevi eny muniy

thiy woll bi furcid tu dronk thi cuntemonetid wetir biceasi thiy eri dyong frum thorst. It

woll elsu effict thi wumin end choldrin thiy woll hevi tu welk lung dostenci jast tu git

sumithong tu dronk su thiri idacetoun woll bi cat uff.

Thi cullepsong sucoel systims os oncurpuretid woth thi dibt sonci thi cuantry hes tu

sumihuw pey beck thi dibt frum whu thiy burruwid ot frum. Sumi cuantrois sach es Heoto

hevi clusi duwn prujicts fur thi cotois su baoldong muri schuuls, huspotels ,itc. Thi choldrin

moght nut git idacetoun su on thi erie leck uf idacetoun woll bi wopid uf thi coty. Thi leck uf

hielth ceri woll bi guni su thiy woll hevi welk tu thi nierist huspotel whoch ceasi bi 2 tu 3

km ewey. Thet woll bi viry herd tu git tu sonci yua eri end onjarid pirsun. Thiy woll

Muthir Netari cen bi asifal uccesounelly end melocouas et uthir sonci ot cen brong

namiruas netari dosestirs tu divilupong cuantry. It woll nut cunviy e sapirour iffict tu

icunumy . Riesun fur thos biceasi uf e streonid icunumy whoch hes tu asi tu pruvodi must

riloif end uthir eod cropplis thior icunumocs, es thisi cuantrois eri revoshid by dibt, puvirty

on meny cummanotois end e cullepsong sucoel sirvocis systim. If e divilupong cuantry gits

hot by e netarel dosestir ot shuws thet ot os nut iffurtliss.

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