Essay on The Horrific Truth Behind the Food and Drug Administration Fast Track

Essay on The Horrific Truth Behind the Food and Drug Administration Fast Track

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Approval Process
The Food and Drug Administration is a government agency responsible for the investigation, evaluation, allocation, and lastly the supervising of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, radiation equipment, and other health related products that the public relies on daily for health and medical necessity. Being the highly innovative and productive society that America is, it goes without saying that consumers are busier than ever and time is a very valuable asset to have in your pocket. Time is money, the old saying goes, well in the case of medical research the smallest fraction of time could mean the discovery of a cure, the saving of ones life, or even the loss. Because time has such high value, the price of time is more expensive than it has ever been. Long gone are the days of “taking time to mull it over” or “stopping to take it all in”, no, now time defines a persons every move.
Companies too, live and breathe by time. A successful company manages time well and has the productivity to exemplify their admiration for time efficiency. In the spectrum of pharmaceuticals, where this research takes place, it has been discovered that the time spent previously developing drugs and devices is out of date and now are the times of fast, swift, quick innovation. The faster a company develops, markets, and distributes a product, the better chance they have at the monopoly of that product. If a drug company creates a new prescription drug for the treatment of Diabetes that no other company has created, a drug that treats a cause specific ailment, then that company will do anything to mass produce the product as to build rapport with consumers and obtain the monopoly for this particular drug therapy.
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.... More people that take new drugs will result in greater numbers of adverse reactions. This is a statistical fact that will continue into the foreseeable future and one more bittersweet fact of pharmaceutical evolution.

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