Essay about Horrific and Disturbing Murders in Illinois

Essay about Horrific and Disturbing Murders in Illinois

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Criminal Crimes
There have been many horrific and disturbing murders in Illinois. There have also been gangs that have been born and destroyed in Illinois. Two of these terrible happened to take place in little Skidmore. One of the gangs in Illinois was Charlie Birger and his Boys. A dreadful and unfortunate murder happened on the famous Chain of Rocks Bridge. The last murder took place in a young woman’s house. Many of these murders and gangs were terrible and scarred the state of Illinois.
Stealing a baby from a womb
A horrific murder happened in tiny Skidmore on December of 2004. Lisa Montgomery and Bobbi Jo Stinnett met and found out that they had much in common and became good friends (Nunes 85-86). Surprisingly, Bobbi and Lisa met in an internet chat room. Bobbi was into puppy breeding and she occasionally served as a judge. Lisa lived in Kansas where her close friends were shocked about what she was talking about. Of course, Lisa shrugged it off and she sent an email to Bobbi saying that she wanted to see the puppies (Nunes 85-86). When Lisa met Bobbi Jo she had a fake name which was Darlene Fisher because she didn’t want Bobbi to know her real identity. When Lisa sent Bobbi the email she had a criminal intent on her mind. She was planning to choke Bobbi into unconsciousness and then cut open her womb and steal Bobbi’s unborn baby. When Lisa arrived at the house she threw a rope around Bobbi’s neck and choked her until she was unconscious. That is when Lisa took a knife and started to cut open Bobbi’s stomach. Lisa had to cut through skin, fat, and muscle to get to Bobbi’s uterus. Bobbi’s baby was in eight-month gestation; Lisa cut and tied the baby’s cord. Lisa stole the baby and fled to her house in Kansas. Unfort...

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...ot into a fight and he stabbed a man eighteen times. He ended back in prison.
Illinois has had many murders and gangs pass through it through the years. The two murders in Skidmore happened in two different years. Charlie Birger was hanged, but he accepted the term of death. The Chain of Rocks Bridge still stands today, but the memory of the murder of the two girls still lingers over the bridge. The young woman who was murdered was shot five times before her life came to an end. Many gangs and murders happened in Illinois through its many year

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