Honor, Patronage, Kinship, And Purity : Unlocking New Testament Culture Desilva

Honor, Patronage, Kinship, And Purity : Unlocking New Testament Culture Desilva

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In David deSilva book, Honor, Patronage, Kinship, and Purity: Unlocking New Testament Culture deSilva states that context is extremely important as well as understanding the culture, without these elements one cannot properly understand the interpretation of Scripture. David deSilva gives an enlightening contextual study of first century Mediterranean culture. deSilva believes that all culture delivers the framework for all communication, and the New Testament writings is no different in how the culture provides the framework for communication.
The main idea of deSilva’s work is to “recover the ideology of the early Christians.” His ultimately goal for recovering the ideology of the early church is improve the contemporary Church. deSilva carefully analyzes the Scriptures through the four core values, stated in the title of his book: honor, patronage, kinship and purity. Each of these values deSeilva devotes chapters to. deSilva gives cultural structure to the New Testament analysis and seeks the ancient Judaic and Greco-Roman cultural contexts.
Chapter One
Chapter one focuses on honor and shaming methods used in ancient times. deSilva’s main works consist of: Seneca, Aristotle, Isocrates, Quintilian, Ben Sira, Plutarch and the Apocryphal and Biblical writings. These resources show the involved maze of differing cultures, and the ways in which honor and shaming were attained in the ancient world. deSilva traces the certain cultural values through Greco-Roman and Jewish writings, showing how extensive the honor and shaming value was to first century Mediterranean society.

deSivla states that now that one can see the honor and shaming in the cultural context the approach to New Testament writings changes how the texts spea...

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...on of socio-rhetorical findings for the contemporary scholar, exegete and consultant of the faith.
Honor, Patronage, Kinship & Purity gives great information on the New Testament and Biblical studies. deSilva’s provides abundant details of both Jewish and Greek studies. deSilva’s book has a excessive amount of interesting and beneficial information for the reader who wishes to grow in the contextual understanding of the ancient world. deSilva’s book is wonderful piece of work and I would recommend this book to others.
deSilva gives the resources for the reader to place the New Testament within the context of the central cultural values of the first century cultures. deSilva displays how a understanding of the core values make one more faithful in honoring God, returning to grace, living together in Christian unity, and being pure before a holy God.

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