The Honor Of Speak With Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay

The Honor Of Speak With Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay

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Interviewer: Hello, today we have the honor to speak with Ludwig van Beethoven. He was a German composer who left his mark on the Classical and Romantic eras. It is great to have you here. Beethoven, please tell us about the beginning of your remarkable journey.
Beethoven: Thank you. My life began December 17, 1770 in Cologne, Germany. The day I was baptized.
Interviewer: You’re welcome. So Beethoven, did you have a large family or were you an only child?
Beethoven: Initially, I had seven siblings, but only two, not including myself lived to adulthood. They were my younger brothers Kaspar Anton Karl and Nikolaus Johann. I enjoyed my brothers company quite a bit. Growing up was hard, I lived in a poor family whom I had to take care of. We weren’t always poor, but with my grandfather’s death and my father’s alcoholism, it wasn’t long until I had to drop out of school to provide for my brothers and mother.
Interviewer: That must have been very difficult. How did you get introduced to music considering your circumstances?
Beethoven: Well, my family was very involved with the electoral choir. I was surrounded with music and drawn to the piano.
Interviewer: When was the first time you received recognition for your talents with the piano?
Beethoven: March 26, 1778 in Cologne was my first time to play in front of a crowd. That was when I began to truly believe in my talents.
Interviewer: Where did you go from there?
Beethoven: At first, I climbed my way up by playing in court as an organist with no commission. A year later, 1783, I dedicated three Piano Sonatas to Elector Maximillian Friedrich. It was a very interesting time for me.
Interviewer: I have heard that you spent time with the well-known compos...

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...pressing in the later few years of my life.
Interviewer: I would imagine these life events were the reason for much of the passion for the music you had written.
Beethoven: Everything was an inspiration for me. I wrote freely about what I chose to write about. It was unique to have such little limitations as a writer of that time.
Interviewer: I could imagine. How did all of this come to an end?
Beethoven: After many years of struggling with my hearing loss and heart ache I eventually passed away. My ways of communication with people had drastically changed due to my hearing loss. People had to write on paper to speak with me. It was March 26, 1827 that I took my last breath.
Interviewer: Beethoven, it has been wonderful speaking with you and hearing about your inspirational life. Thank you for speaking, goodbye.
Beethoven: You’re welcome, goodbye.

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