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The recordings were done in 4 months and for each month the waggle dance varied greatly because of the change in food abundance during the season, which also affects the average foraging distance. For each dance that was decoded the researchers determined the number of dance followers 10 sec after the beginning of the dance and then they also determined the number of waggle dances these followers followed. The 10 seconds give the bees time to identify the dance and actually approach the dancer. Another observation in the recording was made to view how many other dances were happening at the same time. Followers of the waggle dancers do not just stand near the dancer. They are identified as the bees facing their heads within a few lengths away (antennal length) from the dancer. They then follow the movement of the dancer and stopped following a dance when she walks away to continue with the other errands it has. A dancer was considered to have stopped dancing if they interrupted the dance for more than 5 seconds, to do other tasks. The results of the experiment show that the waggle dances for the food source is affected by the distance to the source. As the distance increases, the bees follow fewer waggle dances.

The Honeybee Robot
In Berlin Germany, a RoboBee was invented to understand the honeybees cognitive processes by luring the followers and leading them to the food sources. Dr. Raul Rojas, director of Berlin’s Free University’s Project RoboBee, he paid very close attention to the dance and he realized that not only did the bee shake its body back and forth, but it also moved its wings producing sounds. As a result he incorporated these main factors that were needed for the dance to achieve an accurate presentation of th...

... middle of paper ... its discovery, how follower bees decode the information that is contained in the dance. Researchers have observed many cues that the followers frequently do when in contact with the bee dancer, such as mechanical cues like antenna and head contacts to the body are detected. They also discovered that the body temperature of the dancers is significantly higher than the non-dancing foragers because of the flight muscles that have been used during the flight are still “warm” because of their activity (Landgraf 2013). However it is still unknown actually which stimuli that the follower bees use. It is known however that the spatial location in the feature of the dance that help the followers find and let them stay with the dancers are stimulating their sensory volume, which can probably tell them the direction of where the “waggle dance” is probably being performed.

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