Honey Bees Are Interesting And Work Very Hard During Their Lifetime Essays

Honey Bees Are Interesting And Work Very Hard During Their Lifetime Essays

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Honey bees are interesting and work very hard during their lifetime. Some say we owe our survival to the honey bee. They help pollinate everything from ornamental flowers to our food supply. They have become very efficient and effective at pollination unfortunately, honey bees face many dangers in their daily life to survive. They have to defend from predators in flight as well as in their hive, not to mention the wide use of pesticides. Honey bees also produce delicious honey that some use for medicinal purpose and human and animal food production. Honey bees are important to our society, from evolution through the pollination process. Unfortunately, the bees face many dangers, however, humans need them to help pollinate crops and assist with health.
Honey bees have been on this earth for some time now. Scientists believe that the honey bee evolved “35 million years ago, but older ones are probably still hidden in the rocks of Southeast Asia” (Chadwick et al. 15). Over the years, the honey bee has changed to help better pollinate and even cross-pollinate flowers and food. “Early bees resembled their carnivorous wasp cousins and had short tongues and sleek bodies” ( Wilson-Rich 15). The bees began to change over time. “Bees became better at collecting pollen, evolving hairier bodies, and a greater ability to recognize different flower types” (Chadwick, et al. 16). With this change in
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their body it helped the honey bee to pollinate many more crops and flowers. “The result was some of the incredible diversity of flowers and bee species we see today” (Chadwick, et al. 16). It appears that we need to thank the bees for all the beautiful flowers on our earth. “Bees pollinate over 130 fruit and vege...

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...hanks to the bees, we can find a cure for HIV.

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Bees are important to our society. They work very hard and each has their own role to fulfill in their hive. The honey bee pollinates flowers allowing plants to multiply. Honey bee pollination allows our farms to produce the plants, vegetables, and fruits that humans and the animals we eat, eat to survive. If we did not have bees to help the pollination process, our food supply would drop dramatically. And don’t forget the delicious honey, just one of the many products made by bees that our society eats and uses for medicinal purposes. The honey bee helps support our society in so many ways from pollinating our crops, to producing honey to eat, to providing different medicial purposes with their different products. It is important that we protect our honey bees to help protect the human race.

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