Homosexuals Are Not Men Who Sleep With Other Men Essay

Homosexuals Are Not Men Who Sleep With Other Men Essay

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According to Act I, Scene 9, Roy Cohn essentially declares that, “Homosexuals are not men who sleep with other men” (Kushner 51), seemingly ignoring the dictionary definition of the term. Instead, Roy personally defines homosexuals as, “[M]en who know nobody and who nobody knows. Who have zero clout” (Kushner 51). By stating this, Roy argues that who one sleeps with does not define whether or not someone is a homosexual, but rather the amount of power they possess does. By defining homosexuals in this way, Roy is implying that they are individuals who possess no power and are therefore “worthless” in the world. In his definition of the term, Roy is arguing that homosexuals are worthless and he can’t be a homosexual because of how influential he is. As a result, his understanding of the term is skewed, since being a homosexual is defined as being sexually attracted to one’s own biological sex. By believing that he can’t be compared to other homosexuals because he possesses this clout, Roy has this delusion that he can’t be defined as a homosexual. However, no matter his understanding,...

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