Homosexuality: It's Okay to Be Gay Essay

Homosexuality: It's Okay to Be Gay Essay

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Homosexuality has always been a concept that separates people. The most well known place with a “gay divide” is in religion. According to conservative Christians, being gay is wrong in the eyes of God. However, those who are more progressive Christians claim that nowhere in the Bible does God directly say that it is not okay to be gay. Also, homosexuality is not just an issue between progressives and conservatives; there is a strong rift between generations of Christians as well as far as dealing with homosexuality goes. As time has passed, society has slowly but surely become more accepting of homosexuality, which causes younger generation Christians to look at being gay differently than older Christians would.

In the Bible there are a handful of stories that suggest or talk directly about homosexual acts. For example, there is the story about Lot and the two angels in the book of Genesis. It takes place in Sodom and the men of the city threaten to beat down the doors of Lot’s house because they wish to have sex with the two men he as brought back with him. The angels locked the door and blinded the men outside who eventually decided to leave (Fairchild). While this story clearly shows punishment being given for homosexual acts, it is set in a very different time. Something that the conservative Christians need to understand is that the Bible was written in a time when homosexuality was something rare and wildly unacceptable. In today’s society there has been a huge movement in the rights of gays and it is much more acceptable. There are even many states in the U.S. that are passing laws that are allowing gays to be married by law. As it can be easily seen, things are changing. Society is taking the gay rights movement in a po...

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